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19 Points about last 10 nights of Ramadan

In the Name of Allah, the Most
Gracious, the Most Merciful...

**1- Name of this night is: AL-Qadr (the decree).
After all what we knew about this night,Can we miss this night? Can we be lazy during the last 10 nights?
**2- when this night? At month called Ramadan..at the last 10 nights(it is one among them)
**3- which night among the last 10 nights of this month?..it is hidden (no one know when exactly…and each year it comes different …but prophet of God told us it comes at(the 21st night..or 23 or 25 or 26 or 29th night)..and scholars said it is not stable night(i.e: may be this year it is at the 21st night but the next year it comes a the 27th night etc)

 **4- the creator(Allah)(God) informs that He sent the holy Qur'an(the book of Islam religion) down during the Night of Al-Qadr, and it is a blessed night about which
The creator(Allah)(God) says:(We sent the Holy Qur'an down on a blessed night.) (44:3)
 This is the Night of Al-Qadr and it occurs during the month of Ramadan.

**5- The creator(Allah) says(The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the  Qur'an.) (2:185)
**6- Companions have said : "the creator(Allah)(God) sent the holy Qur'an down all at one time from the Preserved Tablet (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfuz) to the House of Might (Baytul-`Izzah), which is in the heaven of this world. Then it came down in parts to the Messenger of Allah based upon the incidents that occurred over a period of twenty-three years.''

**7- Imam Ahmad (one of the biggest scholars) recorded that Abu Hurayrah (one of prophet companions) said:"When Ramadan would come, the Messenger of Allah would say:
(Verily, the month of Ramadan has come to you all. It is a blessed month, which Allah has obligated you all to fast. During it the gates of Paradise are opened, the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are shackled. In it there is a night that is better than one thousand months. Whoever is deprived of its good, then he has truly been deprived.)''

**8-the Messenger of Allah said:
 (Whoever stands (in prayer) during the Night of Al-Qadr with faith and expecting reward (from Allah), he will be forgiven for his previous sins.)

**9- the angels descend in abundance during the Night of Al-Qadr due to its abundant blessings. The angels descend with the descending of blessings and mercy, just as they descend when the Qur'an is recited, they surround the circles of Dhikr (remembrance of Allah) and they lower their wings with true respect for the student of knowledge.

**10- "this night is security in which Devil cannot do any evil or any harm.

**11- The matters are
 determined during this night, and the times of death and provisions are measured out (i.e., decided) during it.''

**12- The creator says:(Therein is decreed every matter of decree.) (44:4)

**13-The angels giving the greetings of peace during the Night of Al-Qadr to the people in the mosque until the coming of Fajr (dawn).'''

**14- at this night (There is peace.) "This means all of it is good and there is no evil in it until the coming of Fajr (dawn).''

**15- what are signals of this night??....the Messenger of Allah said: (The Night of Al-Qadr occurs during the last ten (nights). Whoever stands for them (in prayer) seeking their reward, then indeed Allah will forgive his previous sins and his latter sins. It is an odd night: the ninth, or the seventh, or the fifth, or the third or the last night (of Ramadan).

**16- The Messenger of Allah also said,
 (Verily, the sign of the Night of Al-Qadr is that it is pure and glowing as if there were a bright, tranquil, calm moon during it. It is not cold, nor is it hot, and no shooting star is permitted until morning. Its sign is that the sun appears on the morning following it smooth having no rays on it, just like the moon on a full moon night.

**17- (Seek it in Ramadan in the last ten nights. For verily, it is during the odd nights, the twenty-first, or the twenty-third, or the twenty-fifth, or the twenty-seventh, or the twenty-ninth, or during the last night.)
 **18-the Messenger of Allah said about the Night of Al-Qadr,
 the angels who are on the earth during that night are more numerous than the number of pebbles.

                                                       19what the creator said about this night ?  in the holy Quran book?
God said:
The creator says:(1. Verily, We have sent the holy Quran down in the Night of Al-Qadr.) (2. And what will make you know what the Night of Al-Qadr is) (3. The Night of Al-Qadr is better than a thousand months.) (4. Therein descend the angels and Jibril  by their Lord's permission with every matter.) (5. There is peace until the appearance of dawn.)

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